Our jewelry pieces have a different meaning for each of us, they can come from a gift, carry a symbol that identifies us or we simply use them to be fashionable. Whatever the reason, we always want them to look the same as when they were new and, above all, to extend their life.

Stainless steel is a type of steel of high purity and resistant to corrosion, due to the content of chromium in its composition, in addition to other elements. It is also hypoallergenic, which means that it is not capable of causing skin infections or irritations. However, like all metals, depending on its treatment and use, it is prone to scratching and warping, especially when the part is clad with another metal, not having its natural color, it can gradually fade.

* Care of stainless steel

We must avoid that our jewelry pieces are exposed or in direct contact with products such as creams or makeup. Similarly, keep in mind not to place them with wet hair or when you are going to apply a spray. In the same way when putting on a perfume, for this reason it is recommended to put on your jewelry just before going out.

Although you can wear this type of jewelry while doing physical activity or going to the beach, both sweat and sea salt can damage its shine, losing its original color.

Try as much as possible not to keep all the pieces together, they can scratch and entangle each other. And finally, keep them as far away as possible from any chemical cleaning product such as bleaches, detergents or those containing alcohol in their composition.

* Tips for cleaning steel

A good tip for the optimal care of your stainless steel garments is to always clean them with a soft cloth, it can be suede; neutral soap and water. It is important to dry them completely before storing them.

In addition, if you want to extend the life of your steel parts as long as possible, it is recommended that each time you use one, you clean it dry with a cloth, remove any grease and dust that it may have and then proceed to store. in a small bag or in an individual box. In this way, you will keep your jewelry for much longer and it will always look shiny like the first time.

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